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Brio Cargo Railway Deluxe Set in Tub
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Inspire creative play with the stunning Cargo Railway Deluxe Set from Brio. The 54-piece deluxe wooden railway set includes tracks, crane loaders, freight trains, a suspension bridge and a mountainous track to give children and parents hours of fun creating fabulous tracks. Every BRIO piece is crafted from FSC Certified wood and is fully compatible with other BRIO sets, tacks and trains. Supplied in a useful lidded storage box. 1 x AA Battery required. The Set Includes: 30 x Pieces of Track 1 x Buffer 2 x Freight Trains 3 x Wagons 1 x Lorry 1 x Gas Load 2 x Toys Loads 2 x Containers 1 x Signal 7 x Rock Supports 1 x Swivel Crane 1 x Suspension Bridge 1 x Cargo loader 1 x Mobile Cargo Loader

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